Federal Budget and Debt

The Republican Medicare Plan’s Increased Costs to Seniors will Consume Social Security Benefits Needed to Live

The House Republican Budget Resolution would end Medicare as we know it, by converting Medicare from a guaranteed benefit paid by the government to a voucher program under which the government provides seniors with a fixed contribution to purchase coverage from … Continue reading

House Republicans’ 2011 Budget Would Impose Devastating Cuts to Social Security

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has been understaffed for a decade, while claims have reached an all-time high.  Despite this, Republicans in the House of Representatives have slashed SSA’s funding for the remainder of 2011.  This fact sheet summarizes the … Continue reading

Annual Social Security Benefits Under the Bowles-Simpson Proposal and Current Law

The Bowles-Simpson deficit-reduction proposal greatly threatens the promise of Social Security for all Americans.  The Bowles-Simpson proposal would radically restructure Social Security, changing it from a wage insurance program to a welfare program.  Furthermore, as the following fact sheet demonstrates, … Continue reading