Expand Social Security

Social Security Expansion Messaging Packet

Social Security’s modest benefits are vital to many Americans, and need to be expanded, not cut.  To assist advocates of Social Security expansion, this packet combines helpful resources and messaging materials, including key facts about Social Security’s benefits and beneficiaries, … Continue reading

Social Security is the Solution to the Retirement Income Crisis

For Americans facing Retirement Income Crisis, Social Security is Critical Americans preparing for retirement are facing a looming crisis.  According to the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, the Retirement Income Deficit–the gap between what Americans have saved through … Continue reading

Social Security Works for Grandchildren and Grandparents

In addition to protecting vulnerable Americans from economic insecurity during retirement, Social Security is also our nation’s largest children’s program.  As this fact sheet documents, Social Security is especially critical to children living with their grandparents. Social Security Works for … Continue reading

Senator Sanders’ Bill Guarantees Social Security for 75 Years

The Keeping Our Social Security Promises Act, S. 1558, introduced by Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), truly strengthens Social Security for future generations. The bill closes Social Security’s 75-year funding gap by applying Social Security payroll tax contributions to covered earnings … Continue reading

Social Security is a Promise That Must not be Broken

Social Security is a promise to all Americans that has withstood the test of time and represents the best of American values – rewarding hard work, honoring our parents and caring for our neighbors. Its benefits should be increased, not cut. Social Security is a Promise That Must not be Broken