Super Committee Webpage Launched Highlighting Members' Voting Records and Statements on Key Issues


Tuesday, August 16, 2011
Don Owens
Josh Rosenblum
Super Committee Webpage Launched Highlighting Members’ Voting Records and Statements on Key Issues
Webpage Will Be Updated Regularly with Super Committee News
(Washington, D.C.) — The Strengthen Social Security Campaign today launched a webpage that provides information about all 12 members of the powerful Joint Select Committee on Budget Deficit Reduction, also known as the Super Committee.   
The bipartisan Super Committee is charged with proposing $1.5 trillion in deficit reduction by Nov. 23. Everything is on the table during its deliberations including cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, as well as raising new revenues. The new webpage highlights the votes the committee members have taken on these issues in 2011 and statements they have made about the issues. It also includes information showing the number of Social Security and Medicare beneficiaries in states and congressional districts represented by the Super Committee members. The webpage and the Campaign’s main website will be updated regularly as new developments occur with the Super Committee.
“This new webpage shows that half of the members of the Super Committee have already voted to make deep cuts to Social Security benefits while giving huge tax breaks to the wealthy,” said Eric Kingson, Co-chair of the Strengthen Social Security Campaign. “They have also voted to end Medicare as we know it and to cut Medicaid by $1.4 trillion. All it takes is one more vote on the Super Committee and the economic security of tens of millions of Americans would be put in great peril. This webpage will help average Americans keep track of this powerful committee and the crucial decisions it is making.”  
The Strengthen Social Security Campaign is comprised of more than 320 national and state organizations representing more than 50 million Americans from many of the nation’s leading aging, labor, disability, women’s, children, consumer, civil rights and equality organizations.


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