Social Security News 5-09-12

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Meet the Press (NAT)

"A Nascant Movement to Dust Off Simpson-Bowles"

Tom Brokaw: David, there's something to keep your eye on. There's a kind of nascent movement at the moment to dust off Simpson Bowles.



Huffington Post (NAT)

Nancy Pelosi Defended By House Progressives In Tussle With Russ Feingold


Ryan Grim

Leading members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus are coming to the defense of House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi of California after former Sen. Russ Feingold challenged her commitment to protecting Social Security and Medicare.


LA Times (NAT)

Student loans and Social Security taxes: a poor fit


Jon Healey

As I've written before, the Senate Democrats' payroll tax proposal might pencil out, but it's bad policy. Congress has a long history of using trust fund revenue to make deficits seem smaller than they really are, so the Democrats aren't breaking any new ground here. But if they want to eliminate payroll tax loopholes, they should do so only to shore up the finances of Medicare and Social Security,  not to mask the impact of more deficit spending.,0,1566532.story


The Boston Globe (MA)

How to fix Social Security


James Roosevelt Jr. and Robert L. Reynolds

Last week’s report by Social Security’s Trustees that the system’s trust funds could be exhausted by 2033 — three year’s earlier than the prior year’s estimate — ought to be a wake-up call for Democrats and Republicans to put country above party. It’s time to stop kicking the can down the road and work together toward a goal we all share: retirement security. As Americans live longer and our population ages, we need a reliable retirement system with strong public and private elements.


Fox Business (NAT)

'It’s the Economy, Stupid!' The Social Security Sequel


Gail Buckner

The prolonged recession caused more people than usual to file for Social Security benefits in 2009 in spite of financial consequences that will affect them for the remainder of their lives.


CBS News (NAT)

Romney affirms opposition to same-sex marriage


Sarah Huisenga

Mitt Romney said he unequivocally opposes same-sex marriage, drawing a contrast to what Obama calls an "evolving" position Read more by Sarah Huisenga on CBS News' Political Hotsheet.


Advisor One (NAT)

Putnam’s Reynolds: Congress Needs Push to Tackle Social Security


Melanie Waddell

Tax reform will be a top priority for Congress in 2013, Bob Reynolds, CEO of Putnam Investments, said Wednesday, but Americans need to press lawmakers to put reforming Social Security on top of their list as well.


Kansas City Star (KS)

Proposed Social Security, Medicare changes will figure in 2012 elections


David Lightman

Republicans are taking a bold political gamble by pushing historic changes in Medicare and Social Security.


Yuma Sun (AZ)

Bias in Social Security story?


Ken Hilderbrand

Bias in Social Security story? | story, press, recently, security, associated, social, bias, headlined


OB Rag (CA)

Is Scott Peters the Democrats’ Best Hope for Claiming California’s 52nd District?


Andy Cohen

As Scott Peters and Lori Saldaña joust over who is more likely to defeat Brian Bilbray in November, the key will be who can carry the “Decline to State” vote.  Can Peters’ appeal to moderates and fundraising advantage overcome Saldaña’s




The Hill (DC)

Obama endorses gay marriage


Amie Parnes

President Obama on Wednesday endorsed gay marriage, becoming the first U.S. president to voice support for same sex couples to legally marry.


Yahoo! News (NAT)

Romney's View on Gay Marriage Not Evolving


Emily Friedman

From Yahoo! News: FORT LUPTON, Colo. – Mitt Romney’s view on same-sex marriage isn’t evolving at all. He told a local reporter here today that domestic partnership benefits — including hospital visitation rights– are “appropriate, but that the others are not.” “Well when these issues were raised in...


The Hill (DC)

House approves Export-Import bill in bipartisan vote despite fire from right


Pete Kasperowicz

Republicans and Democrats in the House offered a rare glimpse of bipartisan cooperation on Wednesday by overwhelmingly approving legislation to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank.


Politico (DC)

GOP senators wonder: Am I next? 


Manu Raju

There’s a new rule in American politics: Republican senators and Senate hopefuls who are too close to Washington and show streaks of moderation are toast — or most certainly poised for a grilling of their lifetime. Call it the Mike Castle rule. Or the Bob Bennett rule. Or, now, the Sen. Dick Lugar (R-Ind.) rule of politics. Lugar’s...


The Economist (UK)

The tea-party movement: Still brewing



UNLIKE colleagues such as Bob Bennett, a senator from Utah unceremoniously dumped by the Republican Party in 2010, Dick Lugar was not caught off guard. He had known for well over a year that he would face a strong, tea-party backed rival in the primary for the Senate seat he has held for the past 35 years.


The Christian Science Monitor (NAT)

Israel's unity government: a bid to represent the majority


Joshua Mitnick

For decades, Israel's system of representation gave tiny parties an outsized voice, particularly on the issue of settlements. The unity government now has a chance to prioritize majority views.


Yahoo! News (NAT)

Gridlock Ahead: Lugar's Loss Signals More Partisanship in Senate


Matthew Jaffe

From Yahoo! News: Dick Lugar’s one-sided loss in last night’s Indiana Republican primary is only the latest indication that this isn’t your grandfather’s Senate anymore. The days of “the World’s Greatest Deliberative Body” are long gone. Bipartisanship a thing of the past. In fact, the man who ended...


The New York Times (NAT)

Food Stamps and Unemployment Insurance


Casey B. Mulligan

A loosening of some rules on food-stamp eligibility and an expected tightening of rules for receiving unemployment insurance may make more people out of work rely on food stamps, an economist writes.

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