Social Security News 5-08-12

 The Hill (DC)

Barber snags seniors group's backing in race for Giffords seat


Josh Lederman

Accepting the endorsement of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, Barber said the focus of his campaign against Republican Jesse Kelly has shifted from issues such as border security to Medicare and Social Security because of the duplicity of his opponent.


Salon (NAT)

2012: Youngs vs. Olds


Joan Walsh

Can Republicans turn class warfare into generational warfare?


Comments on Global Political Economy (Blogs)

Jared Polis, the Democratic Party and Bowles-Simpson


Jim O’Reilly

I don’t mean to be rude here, but this is an incredible piece of misdirection.  Bowles Simpson slashes social security, Medicare, Medicaid, and other vital programs while cutting taxes substantially below where they would be if the Clinton era tax rates were simply continued.



Let's Bury the Rhetoric; Not Social Security


Kieana Page

The 2012 Social Security Trustees Report should be used as motivation to get serious about solving the actual problems facing Social Security; not as a reason to bury Social Security. The report's intended goal  provide an assessment of program finances and serve as an early warning system was widely overlooked recently as multiple media outlets declared the untimely death of our Social Security system.


CBS News (NAT)

AARP to Congress: End the Social Security tax holiday


Steve Vernon

The powerful senior advocacy group wants to see the temporary payroll tax reduction stopped and Social Security strengthened



Should Age for Social Security Benefits Be Raised Again?



The Simpson-Bowles deficit reduction commission report of 2010 wants to go further, by taking the age to 68 by about 2050 and 69 by about 2075. The age for reduced benefits would increase to 63 and 64 respectively.


The American Prospect (NAT)

The Health Reform Battle Will Go On


John Sides

Even after FDR defeated Alf Landon (who had campaigned against the program) and the Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of old-age insurance, Social Security struggled to gain legitimacy. The conservative resistance to Social Security persisted until President Dwight Eisenhower signaled his acceptance of the program.


Businessweek (NAT)

Romney Support Among Senior Citizens Transcends Medicare Stance


John McCormick

The master-gardener meeting, the bridge tournament, and a heated match of seven-card draw poker leave little time for politics at the Via Linda senior citizens’ center in Scottsdale, Arizona. Yet ask about President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and it doesn’t take long


Cleveland (OH)

Congress must protect Social Security


Dennis J. Kucinich

Social Security is rock solid. Social Security does not contribute to our nation's deficit. Cuts in benefits are not necessary. Raising the retirement age is not necessary. Privatization is unacceptable.


The Daily Commercial (FL)

Local woman joins national effort on Social Security


Theresa Campbell

"It has to be, because it affects all of us. It's not a partisan issue at all," she said. "The surveys and the consensus is that everybody, regardless of party, understands the necessity of Social Security and having it. The question is how do we continue to fund it?"


The Baseline Scenario (Blog)

Social Security Matters


Just how important is Social Security, anyway? Let’s look at some numbers. Around 2003, Barbara Butrica, Howard Iams, and Karen Smith analyzed the composition of household income for people at age 67. They projected that median-income early baby boomers, when they reached 67, would have mean per capita family income of $33,000 (Table 3), of which Social Security made up $13,000, or 40 percent. Does 40 percent qualify as a “major source” of income? I would say so. Imagine losing 40 percent of your income.


Appleton Post Crescent (WI)

Letters: Social Security issue is no surprise


Tim Crowe

On April 22, I began my slow descent into depression. You see, I’m living too long. Let me explain. On that day, I heard a news report that Social Security had to adjust its projection of when the fund will become insolvent — three years sooner than the last projection.


PolitiFact (GA)

Senator praises Reagan -era Social Security reform to push for bipartisanship



The Georgia Republican went back to the early 1980s to make his case, saying today’s Congress should take a similar approach of rising above politics to address major fiscal challenges such as the increasing costs of Medicaid and Medicare.





The Christian Science Monitor (NAT)

Austerity votes in Europe show that GOP is wrong, top Democrat says


Dave Cook

Austerity agendas in France and Greece resulted in voter rebellions this week. It's a sign that the GOP's austerity program for the US is mistaken, says Democratic Rep. Chris Van Hollen.


The Hill (DC)

Low student loan interest rates in limbo after bill stalls in Senate


Daniel Strauss

The Senate voted down Democrats' legislation to keep Stafford student loan interest rates from doubling. In a vote of 52 to 45 the Senate voted down a cloture vote on a motion to proceed on S.


Yahoo! News (NAT)

First Monthly Budget Surplus in Three Years


Michael Ono

The Congressional Budget Office has reported a monthly budget surplus of $58 billion,  which would be a first in nearly three years. The improved numbers are attributed to a 10 percent increase in tax revenue.  The month of April coincides with tax season which typically results in a yearly...


Political News and Opinion from a Multicultural Point of View (Blog)

Voter ID Won't Work - Just ask Puerto Rico


Jean Vidal

Requiring a Voter ID is a superficial remedy to avoid voter fraud - Puerto Rico can tell you all about it


Slate Magazine (NAT)

Richard Lugar is expected to lose his Senate seat to the Tea Party’s Richard Mourdock.


David Weigel

The kegs of Allagash and Starr Hill microbrews were tapped—the new FreedomWorks office was christened. It was March 1, 2011, roughly 14 months before the key U.S. Senate primaries that Dick Armey’s Tea Party group intended to win.


Roll Call (DC)

Tim Kaine: Barack Obama Link a Wash Politically 


Kyle Trygstad

Kaine and Allen are well-known entities in the state, but both have also played key roles on the national stage, with Kaine serving two years as chairman of the Democratic National Committee under Obama and Allen serving as chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee during the 2004 cycle. Kaine’s ties to Obama date back to Kaine’s gubernatorial bid in 2005. While Allen and national Republicans have continued to highlight that relationship, Kaine has not shied away from it.


Reuters (Paris)

France's Hollande may roll back spending promises


Daniel Flynn

France's Socialist president-elect Francois Hollande may use a summer audit of state finances to water down his generous campaign promises rather than risk a backlash from financial markets

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