Social Security News 5-01-12

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Alter Inspire (Blog)

Aging Population Stresses Medicare



“No one is saying you don’t have to maintain it,” said Eric Kingson, co-chair of the Strengthen Social Security Campaign and professor of social work at Syracuse University.  “What I worry about is reducing the benefit structure or radically changing the system.”  Kingson believes that Social Security can be shored up by simply increasing the amount of wages subject to Social Security taxes — an idea that the majority of Republicans in Congress oppose.


The Associated Press (NAT)

Texas releases Social Security numbers in Voter ID case



The Texas attorney general's office accidently released the Social Security numbers of Texas voters as part of the Voter ID case, but none of the data leaked out.


The Hill (DC)

Social Security disability system is broken


Marc Goldwein

Since the Social Security Trustees report was released last week, we’ve heard a lot about the year 2033. That’s the year when the Social Security trust funds as a whole will run out of money and will no longer be allowed to pay full benefits


Augusta Free Press (VA)

Kaine campaign hits Allen on Social Security.



Today the Kaine for Virginia campaign continued to highlight George Allen's support for privatizing Social Security with a video entitled Retirement (in) Security.


Wall Street Journal (NY)

Paul Ryan's Cross to Bear


William McGurn

In The Wall Street Journal, Main Street columnist William McGurn writes about the House budget chairman's challenge to the religious left.


Concord Monitor (NH)

No Social Security crisis


Kelly Clark

On AARP's behalf, I object to the misleading arguments about Social Security in the column by David S. Pince ("Social Security isn't really secure at all," Monitor Opinion page, April 25).|CSGroupId:approved:6F4344B49A525D219CD1C67FFA29689D


Pundit Wire (Blog)

Death to Social Security Trust Funds


Jim Jaffe

The annual report of the Social Security trustees predicting when the various funds (retirement, Medicare and disability) will be depleted has become a meaningless rite of Spring that provides more heat than light. The news is always viewed as bad and ignored, a response that’s helpful only to those who have a vested interest in suggesting that our government is dysfunctional.


The Seattle Times (WA)

Responses to letters on Social Security and Medicare strain



Citizens such as Rob Weston, who wrote that government should get out of Social Security and Medicare and return to the days of “rugged individualism” and let all take charge of their own lives, have obviously had advantages and the intellect to carefully handle their money and/or are not likely to have personally experienced really hard knocks or had life simply fall apart. [“Social Security and Medicare sliding closer toward insolvency,” NWVoices, April 26.]


Canon City Daily Record (CO)

Fixing Social Security ought to be simple -- but will it be?  


It's not as if it's unprecedented. Back in 1983, a compromise to make Social Security sustainable was achieved by then-President Ronald Reagan and congressional leaders. They took their cues from the bipartisan Greenspan commission, whose members were appointed by Congress.


The Greater Lansing Business Monthly (MI)

When to Collect Social Security; Sooner or Later?


Michael S. Heath

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of when an individual or couple should begin collecting Social Security benefits. There are many factors that have to be taken into consideration, including how long you plan to work; how much other income you have saved; your health; and if you are married, how much your spouse earns.


Akron Beacon Journal (OH)

Overlooked Social Security numbers pile up


As of late last week, at least 11 other Social Security numbers were visible online, and we know of at least three earlier cases in which numbers were redacted only after their owners pushed for a change.


Federal News Radio (NAT)

DoD, Social Security aim to speed up wounded warrior benefits



A new project lets SSA disability case processing sites take in DoD electronic medical records originating in multiple locations. That capability went nationwide this week. The centers simply log onto a single DoD website.


San Francisco Chronicle (CA)

'White House Burning,' by Johnson and Kwak


Kevin G. Keane

Don't believe the hype. As the authors make clear, America in 2012 is facing a political crisis, not an economic one. It's called inertia, and it comes about when politicians put faith in their own talking points and stubbornly cling to positions that violate the laws of economic logic. The good news is that the country isn't dead yet. Sure, escalating Medicare and Social Security costs spell trouble in the long run, but there's still time to turn the ship. If only someone with a lick of common sense would grab the wheel.





The Hill (DC)

Obama makes surprise Afghan trip one year after bin Laden death


President Obama made a surprise visit to Afghanistan on Tuesday that marked the anniversary of Osama bin Laden’s killing at the hands of a team of U.S. Navy Seals.



First Read - Romney Super PAC going up with first general-election ads


Domenico Montanaro

The pro-Mitt Romney Super PAC Restore Our Future is going up with $3.7 million in ads across nine swing states -- Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, Nevada, Ohio, Virginia, and New Hampshire.


The Washington Post (DC)

Has Team Romney forgotten that the Bush years were terrible?


Ezra Klien

It was, after all, only four short years ago. And it didn’t go so well. The Bush economy is one of the worst on record. Median wages dropped. Poverty worsened. Inequality increased. Surpluses turned into deficits. Monthly job growth was weaker than it had been in any expansion since 1954. Economic growth was sluggish. And that’s before you count the financial crisis that unfurled on his watch. Add the collapse to the equation, and Bush’s record goes from “not so good” to “I can’t bear to look.”


New York Times (NY)

British Panel Criticizes Rupert Murdoch Over Hacking Scandal


Alan Cowell and John F. Burns

In a report after months of investigation into hacking at Rupert Murdoch’s British newspapers, a panel said that the media tycoon had shown a “willful blindness” toward wrongdoing.



Some Housing Markets Rebound, But Bargains Scarce


Ted Robbins

The real estate market has turned around in some parts of the U.S., but many buyers aren't seeing true bargains anymore. Investors are driving up prices, and inventory is low, especially for homes priced under $250,000. That's not great news for anyone hoping to buy an affordable house to live in.


The Daily Journal (NAT)

Engines roar from motorsports park at night; Social Security is still running a big surplus 


I'm sitting in my living room at 8:40 p.m. on a Friday evening with my windows and doors closed listening to the constant roar of engines at the Millville noise park racetrack.


The Boston Globe (MA)

Mitt Romney striving to win over the right


Michael Levenson

Even as Romney begins courting moderates and independents, his campaign is still working to gain support from conservatives who have yet to fully embrace him.


Wall Street Journal (NY)

Ohio Union Fight Shakes Up 2012 Race


Douglas Belkin and Jack Nicas

As the 2012 race intensifies between President Barack Obama and presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney, the political backdrop in this pivotal swing state is being shaped by a fight that roiled Ohio a year ago over the bargaining rights of public-employee unions.

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