Social Security News 4-27-12

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Huffington Post (NAT)

Nancy Pelosi Says She Would Back Plan That Cuts Social Security, Medicare (VIDEO)


Ryan Grim

Eric Kingson, co-director of Social Security Works, which is also pressuring Pelosi to stay strong, is worried she might be making a dangerous political gamble.

"I hope that support for Bowles-Simspon is not part of the congressional Democrats strategy to embarrass their Republican colleagues who they can be sure will not support Bowles-Simpson because it contains some tax increases," he told HuffPost. "If it is, it's a dangerous and disingenuous game, not worthy of the traditions of the political party that created and championed Social Security and Medicare."


SSW/SSSC mention***


Columbia Journalism Review (NAT)

Report Card on Social Security Trust Fund Coverage


Trudy Lieberman

Let the record show there were a few bright spots in the coverage. The NewsHour invited Nancy Altman, co-director of the advocacy group Social Security Works, who some in the press have called a defender of Social Security, to appear on the program along with Heritage Foundation research fellow David John.


USA Today (NAT)

'There's no Social Security crisis'


Max Richtman

Lift the tax cap and don't cut benefits, says the National Committee to Preserve Social Security & Medicare.


Mother Jones (Blog)

Government-Run Healthcare is More Efficient Than Private Healthcare


Kevin Drum

Can the government provide healthcare more efficiently than the private market? There's no simple answer to that, but a couple of recent data points suggest the answer is yes.



US News (NAT)

The Case for Fixing Social Security Right Now



Program’s modest financial fix can be handled separately, and action would send a powerful message.


Washington Blade (DC)

Hollywood comes to Capitol Hill to push for Social Security bill


Chris Johnson

Legislation would allow gay couples to access benefits


New York Times (NY)

A Year in the Life of Social Security



Anything that affects the economy also affects the health of Social Security. So the real solution is sound public policy.


Wall Street Journal (NY)

We Need a Rational, Compassionate Disability System


Letters to the Editor

In 1970, as you reported some months ago, 1.5% of the working-age population was on disability.


The Washington Post (DC)

Fixing Social Security — the right way


Allan Sloan

Social Security can still be there for our children, but only if it’s fixed the right way and soon.


Fox News (NAT)

Social Security is a Ponzi scheme


Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

After being excoriated by the press for referring to Social Security as 'a Ponzi scheme,' it turns out that Texas Governor Rick Perry was right after all.


The Town Talk (LA)

Another View: Backbone and collaboration will fix Social Security and Medicare


Another year, another bleak report on the finances of government programs providing income and health insurance to millions of Americans. Social Security will empty its trust fund in 2033, three years sooner than trustees projected one year ago. Medicare will deplete its hospital trust fund in a dozen years.





Rep. Paul Ryan: ‘I really misspoke’ Blogs


Ashley Killough

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan said Sunday he misspoke earlier in the week when he accused military officials of not being honest about the Pentagon budget. “I really misspoke,” Ryan said on CNN’s “State of the Union.


The New Yorker (NAT)

The Lessons of the Secret Service Scandal


Amy Davidson

Scandals, above all, are stories—wrongdoing crossed with narrative—but not all of the same kind. They destroy or create characters, and, especially in politics, they can inhabit very different genres: romance, crime, the hero’s tragedy, the theatre of the absurd....


The Hill (DC)

House takes swing at healthcare law, extends student loan rates


Pete Kasperowicz

The House on Friday approved a controversial bill that extends low interest rates on subsidized student loans for another year, but pays for that extension by killing a piece of the 2010 healthcare law, which prompted a veto threat from President Obama Friday morning. Members approved the Interest Rate Reduction act, H.


Politico (DC)

Why Jeb Bush doesn't want VP


Jonathan Martin

He’s the GOP vice presidential pick that Democrats fear most — a brassy choice who would likely deliver his crucial home state, boost the ticket with Hispanics and Catholics and appeal to both conservatives and independents. The problem: Jeb Bush apparently doesn’t want the job. The former Florida governor raised eyebrows in Boston,...


Roll Call (DC)

Catholics Confront Ryan on Budget Plan


Eliza Newlin Carney

A widening rift between House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and Catholic bishops and activists over federal spending captures the power and unpredictability of the Catholic vote this year.


NBC Politics (NAT)

GOP infighting gives Democrats hope of picking up Indiana Senate seat


Tom Curry

In the 2010 midterm elections, the GOP was jarred by an array of suddenly-potent Tea Party-backed challengers taking on the party establishment. The movement achieved mixed results overall, but resulted in a Republican Party heavily influenced by it.History is repeating itself





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