Social Security News: 4-11-12


Business Insider (NAT) Altman mention**

Damned Liars and Social Security


Dale Coberly 

Samuelson is very confused... or wants you to be confused... about the differences between "pay as you go" and “the dole” and "contributory" pension plans.


He gets the history of the development of the Social Security idea exactly backwards. For a clearer understanding of that history I recommend "The Battle to Save Social Security," by Nancy Altman.


Center For Economic and Policy Research (DC)

The Impact on Inequality of Raising the Social Security Retirement Age


David Rosnick and Dean Baker

This paper examines the impact of an increase in the retirement age on various demographic groups. Treating future Social Security benefits as a form of wealth, it projects the impact of a gradual increase in the normal retirement age from 67 to 70 (2 months a year for 18 years) on each quintile of the wealth distribution using data from the Federal Reserve Board’s 2007 Survey of Consumer Finances.


Wall Street Journal (NAT)

Ryan: Congress Likely to Push Off Budget, Tax Issues Until 2013


Gerald F. Seib

Republican Rep. Paul Ryan, whose budget plan has become the talk of the campaign season, holds out little hope that Congress will fully resolve the daunting budget and tax questions it will face by year's end.


Forbes (NAT)

More Social Security Mendacity From Robert Samuelson

Lawrence Hunter

Just when I think I’ve said enough about Social Security for a while, a politician or a court mouthpiece of the Washington Establishment pulls me back into the fray by uttering blatant untruths about it. It has happened again with Robert Samuelson’s grossly misleading column on Social Security in Monday’s Washington Post.


New York Magazine (NY)

Medicare Trustee Dismisses Bogus Obamacare Study


Jonathan Chait

It's a really, really, really bad study.


Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (NAT)

Off the Charts Blog “Double-Counting” Canard Quacks Again


Paul N. Van de Water

But there’s no double-counting involved in recognizing that Medicare savings improve the status of both the federal budget and the Medicare trust funds.  The outlooks for the budget and for the Medicare trust funds are two different things; some changes in law may affect one and not the other, but other changes affect both.


American Enterprise Institute (DC)

No, Obamacare really doesn’t add up


Joseph Antos

Blahous finds that the Affordable Care Act is expected to increase the federal deficit by at least $346 billion between now and 2021, and the price tag might be as high as $527 billion. That’s a far cry from the $143 billion in deficit reduction that the Congressional Budget Office predicted when the ACA was enacted.


Think Progress (Blog)

Paul Ryan Cites Catholic Social Teaching To Defend Budget That Ignores It


When House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) released his latest “Path to Prosperity” budget last month, it was immediately admonished as an “immoral disaster” that “robs the poor” by Catholic religious leaders.

All I want is what I paid for


Jim Six

Entitlement programs? I have paid into Social Security for my whole working life. My Social Security benefits reflect the fact that I have never earned very much money. Ever.


Times Union (NY)

Letter: Ryan plan adds to national debt


Andrew Diplama

The 2013 budget drafted by Rep. Paul D. Ryan, R-Wis., and passed by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives once again shows an adherence to a "do as we say not as we do" philosophy.  Besides adding trillions to the national debt, it does not balance for 28 years.  The GOP will tell you compulsory private retirement accounts are constitutional because private companies get to make money from such a plan; therefore, it is good and capitalistic.


Williamsport-Sun Gazette (PA)

Retirees express their frustration over Medicare, Social Security 


Mike Reuther

Senior citizens who turned out for a public forum at Lycoming College Tuesday to talk about Social Security and Medicare made it clear they aren’t...


Minnesota Public Radio News (MN)

Who are these voters who have no I.D.?


Owen Riess

The vast majority will have no problem producing identification at the polling place.


Suburban Journals (MO)

Letter: Europe has it right on health insurance


Larry Brown

Europe has it right on health insurance





First Read - FACT CHECK: Romney's women jobs-loss claim paints incomplete picture


Domenico Montanaro

In an effort to bolster his sagging poll numbers with female voters, Mitt Romney and his campaign have made this new charge: that women have accounted for 92 percent of the job losses since President Obama took office.


Politico (DC)

Allen West: 80 communists in the House


Darius Dixon

Rep. Allen West channeled Joe McCarthy in a town hall event in Florida that he’s “heard” that up to 80 House Democrats are Communist Party members, the Palm Beach Post reports. The Florida Republican, and tea party favorite, was speaking at Florida Atlantic University on Tuesday but didn’t go as far as to say names he’d...


The Hill (DC)

Obama quips he'd change 'Buffett Rule' to 'Reagan Rule' to sway GOP lawmakers



I'm not the first president to call for this idea that everyone has to do their fair share, President Obama said. President Obama says he's willing to change the name of the proposed Buffett Rule to the Reagan Rule if it will sway Republicans to get on board to where the rest of the country is.


National Journal (NAT)

Huge Gender Gap Powers Obama Lead Over Romney


Ronald Brownstein

Another new national poll confirms that President Obama's lead over Mitt Romney is now powered largely by an overwhelming preference for the president among socially-liberal, well-educated women.


The ABC/Washington Post survey released Wednesday showed Obama leading Romney overall by 51 percent to 44 percent among registered voters, which replicates his margin of victory in 2008 over John McCain.


The Washington Post (DC)

George Zimmerman to be charged in Trayvon Martin shooting, official says


Sari Horwitz

Florida special prosecutor plans to announce that she is charging George Zimmerman in the shooting of Trayvon Martin.


The Economist

Age and wisdom: Older and wiser?



ONE stereotype of wisdom is a wizened Zen-master smiling benevolently at the antics of his pupils, while referring to them as little grasshoppers or some such affectation, safe in the knowledge that one day they, too, will have been set on the path that leads to wizened masterhood. But is it true that age brings wisdom? A study two years ago in North America, by Igor Grossmann of the University of Waterloo, in Canada, suggested that it is.

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