Social Security News: 4-09-12


Business Insider (NAT)

Robert Samuelson Shows that the Post Has no Fact Checkers on Its Opinion Pages


Dean Baker

Social Security and Medicare are hugely important for the security of the non-rich population of the United States. For this reason, Robert Samuelson and the Washington Post hate them.


The Washington Post (DC)

Would Roosevelt recognize today’s Social Security?


Robert J. Samuelson

President did not want a pay-as-you-go plan.


Politico (DC)

Newt touts 'Chilean model' for Social Security


Byron Tau

Newt Gingrich Sunday said that he'd like to see the United States adopt a 'Chilean model' for Social Security — a pension system that is reliant on a government mandated purchase of a private investment account. "Back in 1983, the last time we've tried to fix social security, if we had adopted a Chilean model where people...


Huffington Post (NAT)

Kent Conrad Told President Obama Not To Publicly Support Bowles-Simpson


Sam Stein

WASHINGTON -- Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) said on Sunday that he urged President Obama not to publicly support a much-touted bipartisan debt-reduction plan out of fear that it would produce reflexive Republican opposition.


Pensions & Investments (NAT)


DC equals Social Security in retirement importance, survey finds

Hazel Bradford

Overall, 42% of those surveyed expect Social Security to be a major source of retirement income, unchanged from last year. The breakdown was higher, 53%, for those in their 60s, compared to 32% of people in their 50s.


San Francisco Gate (CA)

Brace yourself: five to 10 years before fiscal crisis


He notes that 40 percent of people receiving Social Security and Medicare (hello Tea Party) do not believe they participate in a government program. President Obama (hello liberals) wants to preserve the great majority of the Bush tax cuts, and even added to them, despite making a big show this week about a Buffett tax on the rich.


The Weekly Standard (NAT)

The Psychology of Entitlements


Mark Hemingway

Read conservative news, blogs and opinion about Entitlements, Reform and Social Security from The Weekly Standard, the must read magazine available in online edition.


Health and Education Right Side News (Blog)

How We Can Keep from Going Broke, Part II


John C. Goodman

Entitlement programs, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other social insurance programs are bankrupting the U.S., and what can be done to avoid bankruptcy.


San Bernardino County Sun

Underground economy 


Ralph Herrera

Did you know we pay Social Security benefits to grandparents of illegal immigrants, who have never worked in the United States? Lifetime Social Security benefits are paid to many parolees, children who do poorly in school, and babies born prematurely. The government will pay entitlements to care for a disabled family member or for providing child care for a disabled family member or for providing child care, while another family member receives free schooling.


CSO Online

Utah breach may have compromised over 25,000 Social Security numbers


John Ribeiro

A configuration error at the authentication level allowed the hacker to circumvent the security system


Huffington Post (NAT)

What Bipartisanship Looks Like


Robert Kuttner

Given the Republican strategy of take-no-prisoners, the only bipartisanship is capitulation. It's hard to tack back and forth between leadership and appeasement without looking like a captain who's not sure where he's taking the ship. More leadership, please.


The New York Times (NY)

Federal Funds to Train Jobless Are Drying Up


Motoko Rich

Money for the primary training program for dislocated workers is 18 percent lower than it was in 2006, even though there are six million more people looking for work now.



The Most (And Least) Lucrative Committees In Congress


Andrea Seabrook and Alex Blumberg

See which committees do the most (and which do the least) to help lawmakers raise money for re-election.


The New York Times (NY)

‘Super PAC,’ Eyeing General Election, Aims Blitz at Obama


American Crossroads, the biggest of the Republican “super PACs,” is planning to begin its first major anti-Obama advertising blitz of the year, a moment the Obama re-election campaign has been girding for and another sign that the general election is starting in earnest.


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