Social Security News: 4-04-12

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Encore Careers (NAT)

New America Foundation Hosts Encore Career Panel


“Encore careers are one way to experience the freedom and choice that Social Security with increased benefits could provide,” said Nancy Altman, co-chair of Strengthen Social Security, a coalition of groups working to forestall cuts and enhance benefits. “Encore careers are inspiring people who choose to stay in the workforce. Let people have the dignity and freedom to make those choices.”


Huffington Post (NAT)

Paul Ryan's Outrageous -- and Hypocritical -- Insults of the American People


Paul Abrams

Accompanying the release of his budget, Paul Ryan insulted the American people, referring to us as a nation based on "dependency," and that he and his Republican colleagues, are here to save the soul of the nation.


The New York Times (NY)

Budget Plan’s Defeat Shows Hurdles to Compromise


Jonathan Weisman

If Congress is to defuse a budgetary time bomb, the forces of conciliation will have to become far more organized than the bipartisan opposition.


The Baltimore Sun (MD)

What's your Social Security IQ?


Eileen Ambrose

Most of us know some basics about Social Security.

We understand retirees can start taking retirement benefits at age 62. We realize we'll get a bigger monthly check if we wait a few years more until our normal retirement age to tap benefits. And who hasn't heard that Social Security has a long-term financial problem that Congress needs to address?

National Review Online (NAT)

Rep. Paul Ryan on Social Security 


Reihan Salam

In an interview with Bret Baier of Fox News, Rep. Paul Ryan addressed a number of criticisms of his budget proposal. This exchange is on the concern that Ryan failed to address Social Security: BAIER: Why didn’t you tackle Social Security? RYAN: We have a trigger in our bill which says that . . .


The Washington Post (DC)

Wonkbook: Where Ryan’s and Obama's budgets (mostly) agree


Ezra Klein

You would never know from the rhetoric in the president's budget speech that there are broad swaths of government policy on which he and Paul Ryan mostly agree.


Bloomberg (NAT)

The Real (Moderate) Mitt Romney Finally Stands Up



Mitt Romney, believing with good reason that he has the Republican nomination sewn up (or at least that if anything gets in the way at this point, it will be too bizarre to plan for), has turned from attacks on his fellow Republican contenders to concentrate on President Barack Obama.


Financial Advisor (NAT)

Social Security: What's Best For Clients


Jim Cornfeld

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National Ledger (DC)

Social Security - More SSI Clarification


Tom Margenau

Q: I read your article explaining that SSI is not a Social Security benefit and is not paid for out of Social Security taxes. But I'm still confused. What is the difference between Social Security disability and SSI disability? And how are they different from regular Social Security? A. I'm always puzzled when people differentiate between Social Security disability benefits and "regular Social Security...


The Tribune Democrat (PA)

Do Americans need to be worse off?


Jim Scofield

U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan’s plan, just passed by the Republican House majority, would reduce Medicare – which has protected the health of our elders and disabled – to an inadequate voucher in the private insurance market. Even the president seems willing to settle for the Republican plan to increase the Medicare eligibility age to 67 (just as Social Security has been already).


East Texas Review (TX)

Young workers and Social Security 


Phylis Dills

You may be a long way from retirement now, so you may find it hard to appreciate the value of benefits that could be 40 or 50 years away. But consider that your Social Security taxes could pay off sooner than you think. Social Security provides valuable disability benefits — and studies show that a 20-year-old has about a three in 10 chance of becoming disabled sometime before reaching retirement age.


Richmond County Daily Journal (NC)

Social Security: All about disability


Brenda Brown

Disability is something most people do not like to think of. However, if you are not able to work because you have a medical condition expected to last at least one year or result in death, you may be able to get Social Security disability benefits. Here is what you need to know.   You should apply for disability benefits as soon as you become disabled. It can take months to obtain all your medical records and process an application for disability benefits (three to five months, on average)....


The Journal (WV)

Social Security payment  requirements are unfair


Judith Aabel

Apparently, you cannot have $2,000 plus in a savings or checking account for your benefits to be sent to you - even though within that period of time you more than likely will not be around this earth any longer!


Alaska Dispatch (AK)

Obama Slams Proposed GOP Budget Cuts as 'Prescription For Decline' 


Linda Feldman

Alaska Dispatch offers the latest news Alaska news, politics, opinion, culture, current events, and happenings around the world.


Montana Watch Dog (Blog/MT)

In Democrat forum, congressional candidates talk debt, election money and entitlements


Dustin Hurts

Missoula City Councilman Steve Strohmaier said that in order bring programs like Medicare and Social Security into fiscal solvency, the federal government should close corporate tax loopholes and prevent them from using offshore tax havens to protect profits. “I think there’s other ways to look at besides cutting these programs,” Strohmaier said


The Verde Independent (AZ)

Obama has destroyed system that was envy of the world


Letter to the Editor: Jim Barber

Since the early 1900s, statists have worked tirelessly to collapse the underpinnings of our republic. LaMaster is right about Social Security and Medicare. But the socialists used fear and subterfuge to implement Social Security. Originally, Americans were told they or their family would get back every dollar invested in the system. Once the camel's nose was under the tent, the ink barely dry on the legislation, Congress began to change the structure, removing guarantees of payment and increasing contributions. When they felt they had maxed out the individual, they turned to the employer.


Great Falls Tribune (MT)



Letter to the Editor: Bill Baum

Why do Republicans insist on their pro-life stance prohibiting contraception devices and birth control medicinal products and medical services and pregnancy abortion rights and then turn their backs on middle and lower class babies by denying their mothers welfare, all the while approving foreign aid? This forces mothers to put their babies into child care while they go to work.


The Daily Iowan (IA)

Experts: Affordable Care Act beneficial for young people 


Chastity Dillard

"This is a bad thing for young people just like Social Security is bad for young people," Lucas said. "We have seen how the government has failed in Social Security. Young people have to stand up and say it's our money, and we will make the decisions best for our lives."



The Grio (Blog)

Remembering Dr. King: 44 years since his assassination



Today marks 44 years since the assassination of civil-rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. King was killed April 4, 1968 while standing on the balcony of Memphis' Lorraine Hotel...


The Atlantic (NAT)

Can Obama Convince America Romney Is a Radical Right-Winger


Molly Ball

Launching his general-election message in a Washington speech, the president says his probable rival isn't the moderate in the race.


The New Republic (NAT)

Karl Rove: MLK Without The Moustache


Alec MacGillis

Earlier this week, a Fox News anchor asked Rove about the fledgling, under-the-radar effort by some Democratic state treasurers to use state pension funds' huge investments in private equity and hedge funds to force Wall Street money managers to disclose more of their political giving in the era of Citizens United. The overriding goal would be to bring more transparency to the 501(c)4 groups like Rove's Crossroads GPS, which don't have to disclose their donors as long as their main focus is "issue advocacy," not elections, a distinction that has been blurred to the point of meaninglessness. As it stands, groups like Crossroads GPS are collecting millions to spend on ads this year (ads such as this one) and we have no way of knowing which Wall Street financiers, other super-wealthy individuals or corporations might be behind them.


BBC News

Mitt Romney rejects Obama budget criticism



US presidential hopeful Mitt Romney rebuts President Obama's attack on Republicans, in a speech to the media the day after three primary wins.

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