Social Security News 04-19-12

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Nieman Watchdog (NAT)**

Before you write that Social Security is bankrupt….


Nancy Altman & Eric Kingson ***

The most important take-away points from the 2012 Trustees Report will be that Social Security has a large and growing surplus; that without any Congressional action, Social Security will continue to pay benefits to America’s eligible working families for decades; and that with modest legislated increases in revenue, it will continue to pay those benefits for the next century and beyond.


Strengthen Social Security Campaign mention ***


Advisor One (NAT)

Social Security Trustees Will Report Large, Growing Surplus: Advocacy Group


Melanie Waddell

According to the Campaign—which is co-chaired by Nancy Altman, a former assistant to Alan Greenspan’s bipartisan commission whose recommendations formed the basis of the Social Security Amendments of 1983—with “modest legislated increases in revenue,” eligible Americans can count on receiving Social Security benefits “for the next century and beyond.”


Strengthen Social Security Campaign mention ***


InfoZine (NAT)

Dismantling Social Security, the Conrad Plan



Nancy Altman and Eric Kingson are co-chairs of the Strengthen Social Security Campaign. The group released a statement today, which said that Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent "Conrad's budget mark, the Fiscal Commission Budget Plan, incorporates the Social Security cuts contained in the Bowles-Simpson proposal.


The Huffington Post (NAT)

Should We "Means Test" Your Auto Insurance?  Then Why Do It For Social Security?


Richard (RJ) Eskow

And yet that's exactly what conservatives and their media enablers keep proposing. They insist that Social Security beneficiaries should be submitted to a "means test" before they can receive the benefits they've paid for all their lives. They're pushing the idea for three reasons: The first is to convince people that Social Security isn't really a social insurance program, or that they've earned their benefits.


US News (NAT)

Railing Against the Welfare State Gets Us Nowhere


Scott Galupo

Caring for the elderly is incredibly expensive and incredibly complicated.


Huffington Post (NAT)

It's Time to Reexamine the Welfare Reform Law of 1996


Ed Koch

Responsible people shocked by the fraud and outrages that marred the old system of welfare went overboard -- me among them -- in seeking to eliminate the abuses. It is time we examine the subject again and seek a just solution.


Today (NAT)

Gen Y faces retirement as a go-it-alone affair


Jennifer Leigh Parker

Think of retirement as a family dinner table. It's an heirloom that is meant to weather the years, and a central fixture in the lives of each relative.


National Review (NAT)

The Buffett Rule’s Chump Change 


Patrick Brennan

President Obama has admitted that his so-called Buffett Rule isn’t really about reducing the deficit, but about tax fairness. Yet he and his supporters have still clung to the idea that the proceeds, about $4.5 billion per year, while they wouldn’t close the deficit, are nothing to sneeze at.


Northwest Herald (IL)

Socialism is socialism


Letter to the Editor

In the guise of giving everything to everyone, without working for it, that is socialism. Understand one thing: Social Security is paid for by the participants of the system. This same Social Security pays for the hundreds of thousands of people who never paid a dime into it! There are immigrants who come into this country and, through Social Security, are given more money to live on than those of us who worked for it. Where are you going with this?


Penn Live (PA)

Congress candidate Rick Daugherty: We need to assist seniors


Social Security is sound, strong and has eliminated the devastating effect of poverty among the elderly. For many, Social Security is their main source of retirement income. Social Security has nothing to do with the deficit, and by eliminating the payroll tax cap, the program is financially sound for decades. I will never support cuts in benefits or increasing the retirement age.


Huffington Post (NAT)

'Bridge To Work' Will Let States Experiment With Unemployment Insurance


Arthur Delaney

WASHINGTON -- The Obama administration on Thursday invited states to try out new unemployment insurance schemes that would allow businesses to take on new workers with states paying their wages. Lawmakers tucked several reforms to the unemployment system into a February deal to reauthorize an expiring Social Security payroll tax cut and federal unemployment insurance, including one to let states drug test the jobless and another to give 10 states waivers to experiment with "demonstration projects."




Roll Call News (DC)

Female Lawmakers Are Raising Money and the Political Stakes


Meredith Shiner

While both parties fight to win over women voters, women lawmakers have emerged as the top fighters to secure all-important fundraising and messaging wins.


The Hill (DC)

Cantor's small-business tax cut passes House in 235-173 vote


Pete Kasperowicz & Bernie Becker

The House on Thursday afternoon approved a bill that would cut taxes on small business by 20 percent, ignoring a veto threat from President Obama and Democratic objections that the bill is not paid for, and would add $46 billion to the budget deficit in just one year. Members voted x-y in favor of the Small Business Tax cut act, H.


Wall Street Journal (NY)

Women's Economic Clout Shifts Priorities, Study Finds


Conor Dougherty

Young women have long been more educated than young men. A new survey out Thursday says they're also more ambitious.


Politico (DC)

Poll: Youth vote dips for Obama


MJ Lee

President Barack Obama may have enjoyed celebrity status among young voters in 2008, but a new survey suggests they’re less likely to rock the vote for him in 2012. Almost half of 18- to 24-year-olds — 48 percent — said in a survey that they would like to see Obama stay in the White House for a second term, compared to 41 percent...


Politico (DC)

Senate gets bipartisan on spending levels 


David Rogers

With the blessing of top Republican leaders, the Senate Appropriations Committee gave quick approval Thursday to spending allocations for the coming year—consistent with the August debt deal but also significantly higher than the levels set by the House GOP for domestic programs. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Sen. Lamar Alexander...


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