Social Security News 04-16-12


Kaiser Family Foundation (DC)

Key Issues in Understanding the Economic and Health Security of Current and Future Generations of Seniors 


This brief examines the role of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security in ensuring seniors' financial and health security as well as the challenges facing current and future generations.

The Atlantic (NAT)

How We Pay Taxes: 11 Charts


Derek Thompson

Eight questions you've always wanted to ask about U.S. taxes, answered with pictures!


Huffington Post (NAT)

Why Do So Many Elites Hate Social Security?


Dave Johnson

This week there was another big attack on Social Security by another elite. This time the attack comes from a columnist. These attacks never come from people who depend on these programs (i.e. almost all of us.) Why do the privileged elites hate Social Security so much?


The Hill (DC)

Let Bowles, Simpson finish their job


Judd Gregg

The Simpson-Bowles commission, the only viable solution for cutting our debt, should reconvene before the crush of Congress’s lame-duck session. There is a great deal of discussion about how, after this November’s election, there will occur in December the Mother of All Lame-Duck sessions by Congress.


The Washington Post (DC)

Debating the cost of Obamacare

A small story on health care becomes a sensation online


On Tuesday, below the fold on Page A3, The Post ran a story from its reporter on national financial and fiscal matters, Lori Montgomery, about a new study of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, derisively called Obamacare but known among policy wonks as the ACA.


Wall Street Journal (NY)

Taxes—Who Really Is Paying Up


Andrea Coombes

Our tax system is more complex than any sound bite or simplistic headline can illustrate.


Springfield News-Leader (MO)

Social Security to go electronic


Stephen Ohlemacher

Starting next year, the check will no longer be in the mail for millions of people who receive Social Security and other government benefits.


Great Falls Tribune (MT)

Social Security's future becoming less certain


Elisabeth Miller

Most of us are concerned about a secure future. In the current economic times, however, questions begin to arise concerning the effectiveness of governmental programs, particularly Social Security.



The Hill (DC)

The Week Ahead: Congress returns from two-week recess


Emily Goodin

Congress is back from a two-week recess and has a number of contentious issues on the agenda. Congress is back from a two-week recess and has a number of contentious issues on the agenda.


Gallup (NAT)

Less Than Half of Americans Consider Tax Bill Too High


Lydia Saad

As tax day looms, Americans fall into two closely matched camps: those who say their federal income tax is too high (46%) and those who say it is "about right" (47%). Low-income Americans have grown more discontent with their taxes.


Gallup (NAT)

Americans Favor “Buffett Rule” by 60% to 37%


Frank Newport

Americans favor the so-called “Buffett Rule” mandating a minimum 30% tax rate for those making $1 million or more per year, by 60% to 37%. Majorities of both Democrats and independents favor the policy; Republicans oppose it.


LA Times (CA)

For Romney, touting business prowess may be risky strategy


Maeve Reston

Republican Mitt Romney says his corporate success makes him a better bet than President Obama to run the country. Such assertions can backfire, as businesswomen Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman found during elections in California.,0,2622615.story


The Atlantic (NAT)

Exposing ALEC: How Conservative-Backed State Laws Are All Connected


Nancy Scola

How a shadowy organization uses corporate contributions to sell prepackaged conservative bills -- such as Florida's Stand Your Ground statute -- to legislatures across the country.


Daily Campus -Southern Methodist University (TX)

Republican budget widens income gap


Paul Kroeger

Last week, House Republicans passed Paul Ryan’s budget plan, which includes sharp decreases in domestic spending, as well as lower tax rates. Ryan’s budget restructured lower income programs like Medicaid, Pell grants and welfare programs with $3.3 trillion in spending cuts over 10 years. However, Ryan refused to reduce defense spending.


Roll Call (DC)

Obama Raises More Than $53 Million in March; Republicans Pounce


Abby Livingston

The Obama campaign announced today in a Web video that its collective March fundraising total was “over $53 million.”

The video featured various campaign supporters announcing their small donations to the campaign, followed by a message from campaign manager Jim Messina. The figures include fundraising from the Democratic National Committee.


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