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Many politicians in Washington are demanding deep cuts to Social Security. They want to raise the retirement age. They want to deny seniors a full cost of living increase.

Nearly all Americans depend on Social Security at some point in their lives. Many are retirees. But millions are disabled workers, widows and widowers, and children who have lost parents.

Politicians want to cut Social Security to reduce the federal deficit. But Social Security didn’t cause the deficit. In fact, Social Security has a $2.6 trillion surplus today. It shouldn’t be cut to reduce the deficit.

Social Security is based on a promise: If you pay into the system then you earn the right to guaranteed benefits. This is one promise to the American people that politicians in Washington shouldn’t break.

President Obama has said that he:

 ● Won’t cut benefits
 ● Won’t raise the retirement age
 ● Won’t cut the cost of living adjustment (COLA)

In effect, the President has said: Keep Social Security’s Promise!

We agree.

Send a letter to President Obama asking him to keep his promise.

President Obama's Social Security Promises

Social Security Issue
Obama Promise

Do not cut the cost of living adjustment (COLA)

Do not raise the retirement age

"[Republican presidential candidate John McCain's] campaign has...suggest[ed] that the best answer to the growing pressures on Social Security might be to cut cost-of-living adjustments or raise the retirement age.  I will not do either."

[Speech to the AARP Convention, C-Span, September 6, 2008]

Do not cut benefits

Do not raise the retirement age

"I do not want to cut benefits or raise the retirement age. I believe there are a number of ways we can make Social Security solvent that do not involve placing these added burdens on our seniors."

[Op-ed in Quad City Times, Iowa, September 21, 2007

Make Social Security solvent so it can pay 100% of promised benefits after 2036 by raising the cap so that income above $106,800 is taxed

"The best way forward is to first look to adjust the cap on the payroll tax. .. Ninety-seven percent of Americans will see absolutely no change in their taxes under my proposal. ... What it does allow us to do is to etend the life of Social Security without cutting benefits or raising the retirement age."

[Obama campaign video,, October 16, 2008]



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