Romney-Ryan Plan to End Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

The Romney-Ryan Plans Threaten Americans Who Rely on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

Both Romney and Ryan have advocated for policis that would change the core of these valuable programs, harming the millions of Americans who rely on them every day. Check out our resources below to find out more. 

Fact Sheets, Analysis, and Reports

50-State Analysis Showing that Ryan Play for Medicare Would Slash Social Security Benefits
How the GOP-Backed Ryan Plan Threatens Middle-Class Retirement Security
Complete Fact Sheet on Ryan Budget: Republican Budget Creates a Fast Track to Cut Social Security and Ends Medicare as We Know It
Quick Facts about Congressman Ryan’s Budget
Mitt Romney Proposes Social Security Solutions that are Dangerous for America's Families
Ryan Budget Hides Radical Proposal to Raise Medicare Eligibility Age, Indirectly Cutting Social Security Benefits by as Much as 45 Percent
Social Security Works page on Paul Ryan's Roadmap for America
Center on Budget & Policy Priorities (CBPP): CBO Shows Ryan Budget Would Set Nation on a Path to End Most of Government Other Than Social Security, Health Care, and Defense by 2050
CBPP: Chairman Ryan Gets 62 Percent of His Huge Budget Cuts from Programs for Lower-Income Americans
Generations United: Social Security: What's At Stake for Children youth and Grandfamilies (Profile of Paul Ryan, who received Social Security survivors benefits as a teenager, on page 5)

In the News

Talking Points Memo: Inside Paul Ryan's Plan to Privatize Social Security
CNN Money: Ryan's Controversial Social Security Plan He Doesn't Discuss
Columbia Journalism Review: Medicare, Paul Ryan and Beyond: a Primer
Ryan Grim: Paul Ryan Social Security Plan Calls For Private Accounts (VIDEO)
Politico: Paul Ryan's Medicaid Changes May Be Bigger





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